Hair Cut/ Styling

Aiming for a change? We have all the styles for you. From an edgy look to a soft clean cut, you have a wide range of options to choose from!

Hair Color

Elevate your style by rocking different hair colors. We offer premium brand color materials making sure your hair stays healthy while being artsy!


Lily's Beauty House offers only the best look for you! May it be an everyday makeup look or an extravagant glitz and glamour for a party, we got you covered!

Lash Lift/ Extensions

Achieve that fresh, infallible look with our top-notch lash designs. Our lash technicians are the cream of the crop in their respective fields, making sure you get only the best lash care there is.

Hair Treatment

Aside from looking pretty, we also take great pride in making sure our clients' hair is healthy from tip to root. We have variations of hair treatments you can choose from to ensure your hair remains healthy and strong while being beautiful!

Hair Rebond

Want that easy "no comb" straight hair? Come and let us help you get it! We offer premium hair products to make sure your hair achieves the best silky straight state!